About me

My name is Christine and I work freelance as a web and print designer.
I love visual arts and photography.


From a young age, drawing was my favorite way to express my creativity. Then, in my adolescence, I discovered photography and was able to explore new techniques and ways to fulfil my creative impulses through the use of images. As a young adult, while loving photography, I secretly dreamt of becoming a graphic designer one day, like many of my friends. It was ten years later that I added web and print design to my skillset.

I was born in Quebec and studied in Montreal but my heart is wide open to the world. That explains my globe-trotting side but also my curiosity, my need to learn, create, express, collaborate and build long-lasting relationships.

In 2022, after 5 years as an employee, I decided to go back to freelance work to rediscover the pleasure of more human and personalized contacts with clients.

My mission is to offer the best of my abilities so we can move forward together towards the desired goal, one step at a time. I believe the route to the destination is just as important as the destination itself.

Looking forward to hearing your story and possibly going a long way together!


I have been working as a web/print graphic designer since 2003 and I am freelancing since 2022. I have a wide range of expertise and knowledge in graphic design (print and web), web marketing and ecommerce.

A team player, I am versatile, organized and dedicated to the success of your project. Together, let’s give shape to your visual project!

College Studies in Graphic Design, Collège Ahuntsic, 2017
College Studies in Multimedia, Travail sans frontière, 2003
Collegial Studies in Photography, Cégep du Vieux Montréal, 1995


What is a photon?
A photon is a tiny particle that comprises waves of electromagnetic radiation, also called light.

Why Miss Photon?
Miss is the nickname I’ve been given by my friends in high school and is still in use today by my closed ones. It refers my desire to create good and long term relationships with my clients. Photon refers to light, an essential element to creating beautiful design and photography.


Here are some of my most recent projects below.



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